Woly Frottee Childs Insoles Select Size

Woly Frottee Childs Insoles Select Size


SKU Product Qty Per Pack Price Qty
1803K7 Frottee Childs Size 7 E24 1 £8.48
1803K8 Frottee Childs Size 8 E25 1 £8.48
1803K8.5 Frottee Childs Size 8.5 E26 1 £8.48
1803K9 Frottee Childs Size 9 E27 1 £8.48
1803K11.5 Frottee Childs Size 11.5 E30 1 £8.48
1803K13 Frottee Childs Size 13 E32 1 £8.48


Woly Frottee Child's Insoles Woly Frottee Child's Insoles

Breathable cotton insole with genuine coconut fibres. The Woly Frottee Child's Insoles are light and comfortable shoe insoles that preserve your feed warm.

What Benefits Does Woly Pure Fresh Insole Offer?

Cushioned with a frotee layer, these insoles provide support, comfort and reduce foot fatigue.
- Genuine coconut fibres
- A generous top layer of breathable cotton
- Light, breathable materials
- Recommended for outdoor and leisure activities
- Reduces odour
- Keeps the foot warm by retaining heat
- Solid coconut fibre for excellent foot support
- Breathable cotton lining in order to keep the feet dry
- Available in multiple sizes
- Highly durable
The Woly Frottee Child's Insoles feature a layer formed by genuine coconut fibres for added support and better air circulation inside the shoe. This helps to reduce the perspiration and odour. The Woly Frottee Child's Insoles are suitable for everyday activities, as well as sports.

Who Should Wear Woly Frottee Child's Insoles?

The Woly Frottee Child's Insoles are ideal for outdoor work and outdoor activities such as ice-skating, hiking or camping.

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