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how to clean white shoe soles

How to make shoe soles white again – Famaco Universal Cleaner

Well, the summer is in full swing, it hasn’t rained for nearly 3 weeks now (this is England, how is this happening!?) but no matter what the weather, your white soles just seem to get dirty! Looking down at your feet and thinking “yeah, I should really get round to cleaning those” so you came online to find a way to clean them, right? Well, welcome – you’ve came to the right place! We’ve created this blog post to guide you through the process of cleaning… Read more »

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finding replacement shoelaces

How to choose the right size replacement shoelaces

  This is just a short blog post telling you how to find replacement shoelaces for any shoes! We’ve made a video on how to do this, but also below… Read more »

Cleaning leather shoes quickly and easily

We wanted to show just how quick and effective Woly Combi cleaner is. It’s a specifically designed mouse for all types of leathers, synthetics and textiles. The general rule of… Read more »

woly creme essentielle

How to keep leather shoes supple and smooth with Creme Essentielle

We’ve made a short video showing you how to care for your leather trainers and shoes. Leather is a natural material so quite like your skin, it needs protecting and… Read more »

Waterproofing shoes

How to waterproof your shoes

We’ve created a short video showing you how to waterproof and protect your leather shoes! Preparing your shoes for winter has always been a task. Protecting them from salt, water,… Read more »

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Famaco SUMMER Products!

FAMACO – Summer products you NEED to stock! With summer around the corner, now is a good time to start thinking about your seasonal stock and revamping your shop in… Read more »

SHOE CLIPS! Wedding Season Is Approaching

SHOE CLIPS and the upcoming WEDDING SEASON… Erica Giuliani’s new collection features a stunning array of beautiful bridal Shoe Clips. The perfect accessory to a white court or nude heel,… Read more »

How to SELL the Woly 3×3 Protector!

All you need to know about WOLY 3×3 PROTECTOR This blog post is a quick guide which will teach you all you need to know about Woly’s top selling product;… Read more »

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