My Bag Suede Sponge - Dust Eliminator

My Bag Suede Sponge - Dust Eliminator


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MB1440 My Bag Suede Sponge - Dust eliminator 1 £5.32


insole logo -  Suede Dust Catcher sponge

Special Care product for Suede and Nubuck leather. Removes dust and fine dirt particles like a magnet from the surfaces. Maintains the colour by stopping discolouration when not being used.

Bags will look as good as new!

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Simply lightly rub over the surface and watch the dirt transfer, one sponge will last a lifetime, simply wash with warm water and use again and again.

MATERIALS: Specifically designed for suede leathers but will also work on velvet, fabrics and silk.

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