Woly Shoe Fresh 125ml Spray

Woly Shoe Fresh 125ml Spray


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Woly logoWoly Shoe Fresh 125ml

Freshen your shoes with Woly Shoe Fresh. A unique fresh scent, and highly effective formula; eliminate odour and target bad bacteria in your favourite footwear for an all day long fresh feel and scent.

The benefits of using Woly Shoe Fresh

Below we have listed some great benefits of using Woly Shoe Fresh:
- Easy to use spray
- Fresh Scent
- Long lasting 
- Fresh Feel
- Refreshing
- Silver ions to eliminate, not only mask

How to use Woly Shoe Fresh

To get the best results from Woly Shoe Fresh, follow our simple guide below:

- Shoe Fresh is a simple spray which needs to be sprayed directly into the shoe and to be left for a couple of minutes to be absorbed.


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