Woly High Tech Spray

Woly High Tech Spray


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Woly logoWoly Hi Tech Spray 125ml

Woly Hi Tech Spray is a quality conditioning liquid for all high tech and synthetic materials. Hi Tech lotion effectively provides protection and conditions to provide a beautiful glossy shine.

The benefits of using Woly Hi Tech Spray:

Below we have listed some great benefits of using Woly Hi Tech Spray :
- Simple liquid and sponge applicator for precise application
- Brilliant for all Hi Tech and Synthetic materials
- Available for snakeskin, reptile and ostrich leather
- Renovates colour
- Waterproofs leather

How to use Woly Hi Tech Spray:

- Spray generously onto the exterior of the shoe 
- leave to dry and buff to a high shine with duster or horse hair brush

(check for suitability on a hidden area of shoe prior to use) 


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