Wolyneutral Suede/nubuck

Wolyneutral Suede/nubuck

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Neutral Suede/nubuck Renovator by Neutral Suede/nubuck Renovator

The Woly neutral Suede/nubuck renovator puts the colour back into faded suede, nubuck leather and velour suede. Freshens colour and dries to form a protective waterproof membrane for all types of suede and nubuck. Neutral version works on the dye under the surface to refresh the top surface leather.

The benefits of Woly neutral Suede/nubuck:

There are many benefits of using renovator. Woly boasts an extensive colour collection, meaning that there is a colour for almost everyone.
- Nourish and enrich the leather
- Add colour to bring the shoe back to life
- Enriches the leather, for added protection
- Adds effective protection against moisture
- Works with Gortex and Sypmatex
- Easy application

How to apply Black Leather Shoe Cream:

- Choose your leather footwear which you wish to renovate,
and pick the closest colour match from our Colour Chart
- Clean the shoe using a Cleaner, making sure all dirt,
dust and mud has been removed
- Use the included sponge for an easy application
- Shake the container and press the sponge onto the fabric
- Apply evenly, leave it dry for a few moments and then roughen with a brush or roughing sponge.

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