Silver Brand Liquid Instant Shine Bottle 75ml

Silver Brand Liquid Instant Shine Bottle 75ml

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S1445-03 Silver Liquid Neutral Instant Shine Bottle 75ml £2.63
S1445-02 Silver Liquid Brown Instant Shine Bottle 75ml £2.63
S1445-01 Silver Liquid Black Instant Shine Bottle 75ml £2.63


Silver Liquid Shine 75ml  

Silver intant liquid shine is formulated with a unique blend of waxes which dry to a shine. It is a water based forumula rich with waxes, giving a lovely gloss finish. Not only does this product clean and shine, it also nourishes your leather goods and footwear.  

The benefits of using Silver liquid shine

There are many benefits of using Silver liquid shine, some of which we have listed below:

- Enables you to clean to an incredible, high shine
- Available in different colours to compliment the leather you have
- Cleans, nourishes and shines all in one 
- Suitable for all kinds of leather shoes and accessories
- No buffing required 

How to apply Silver liquid shine  

- Once you have cleaned and renovated your desired footwear, now you are ready to use Silver liquid shine 
- Squeeze some product out onto the built in sponge and apply to the product in circular motions
- Finish with protector spray to keep your shoes looking great for longer 

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