Magix Color Spray Winter White 180ml

Magix Color Spray Winter White 180ml

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71402682 Magix Color Spray Winter White 180ml £16.63


 - Magix Spray Dye / Renovation Leather spray 180ml

Magix have mastered the art of colouring leather in a simple spray form, ideal for leather car seats and chairs. The innovative Dye is a unique formula and consistency which has been conquered to make renovating and covering scuffs easier than ever. Often used in shoe repair shops as a finishing spray to renovate the leather surface due to its quick application.

The benefits of using Magix

There are many benefits of using Magix extensive colour collection.
- Easy to apply formula
- Small amount of product goes a LONG way.

How to apply Magix Spray

- Choose your leather match
- Clean the leather with a suitable cleaner, making sure all dirt, dust and mud has been removed
- With a Cloth, Dauber Brush, apply a SMALL amount of product to a inconspicuous area, make sure the colour is a good match
- Once happy with the colour - You will see the pigment immediately. 
- Leave to dry before applying another coat

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