Famaco Mr Men Clean Restore Protect Kit

Famaco Mr Men Clean Restore Protect Kit


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 Famaco Mr Men Shoe Cleaning Kit - 


Use Famaco Mr Men Cleaning Kit to keep your Shoes looking brand new, by following these three easy steps Clean, Restore, Protect.

This Famaco Mr Men Cleaning Kit contains:

1, Famaco Mr Men Cleaning Foam - Apply to the material combination brush or cleaning cloth, using circular motions, leave to dry and finish with Famaco Protector Spray to prevent further dirt being attracted to the material, Clean shoes regularly to prevent buildup of dirt or tough stains.

1, Famaco Mr Men Leather Cream - Shake Thoroughly before use. Dab the applicator on the leather or Fabric applying a light pressure to release the product. Apply the cream across the whole of the shoe, ensuring a good even covering. Allow to dry for 15 minutes and repeat this process if necessary.

1, Famaco Mr Men Protector - Famaco Protector can be used on all materials, simply hold the can 15cm from the material and spray. Apply 3 even coats (be sure not to saturate the shoe), dry for 10 minutes in between each application. Leave to dry, then you are free to enjoy the rain!

Repeat between 10 and 15 days with a single top up spray.

Delivered to you in a clear display puch to aid with easy storage, keeping all of you favourite care products in 1 place!

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