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Tan Fine Round Laces

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Tan Shoelaces: 2mm Round Cotton Mix Laces. logo

Our High-Quality 2mm Fine Round, Tan Shoelaces are made from a cotton mix. This makes the laces strong and also prevents deterioration of the lace caused by environmental factors such as rain or snow. The Composition of Shoe String round laces means that they have a matt finish, unlike polyester or nylon laces which are shiny. The Matt finish of our laces will complement your fine footwear.

Our laces are made to the highest standard. each pair of laces go through our strict quality control process before it is hand wrapped, banded and packaged in our factory based in Market Harborough by one of our dedicated team.

Round laces are an ideal choice for dress shoes, as well as some ankle boots or trainers. We have an extensive range and colours and sizes available from your everyday and brown laces to more vibrant Reds or Blues.

Fine Round laces are Ideal for:

  1. Brogue
  2. Derby
  3. Oxford
  4. Dress boot
  5. Chelsea boot.
  6. Chukka Boots
  7. Dessert boot

Other lace styles that may be of interest to you are Wax Round, Chunky Wax, and Cord.

If your shoes are in need of refreshing why not try using our 3 step process:

  1. Cleanse - Clean your footwear.
  2. Renovate - restore the colour and finish of your footwear using our professional products and tools
  3. Protect - Keep your shoes healthy using a protector to prevent damage from the environment or poor weather.

And then replace your tired laces with a new pair, Go bold with vibrant colours or designs,

We have the largest selection of colours and styles of laces available to retail within the UK, we also offer a wide variety of packaging options to our trade customer, We can also help to refine the range and build you a custom stand option. 

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