White Leather Gold Metal Aglets Laces

White Leather Gold Metal Aglets Laces

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1390032 White 90cm Leather Gold Metal Aglets 1 £7.99
1314032 White 114cm Leather Gold Metal Aglets 1 £7.99
1312032 White 120cm Leather Black Metal Aglets 1 £7.99


  logo   White - Flat Leather Sneaker - Trainer laces 6mm

High quality ShoeString flat Select length for sneakers and trainers give a definitive look.  ShoeString brought these Select length to the UK market in 2017 take a look.  USA trending Select length and brought to you now for the UK.  

A great look for all high end trainers and boots.

Which Shoes   -  Air Max 95, Air Max 97, Air Max 99, Vapour Max, Yeezys, Adidas Y3 and similar footwear.

See our size guide for help with getting the correct length, the simplest way is to measure the lace you are replacing and purchase the nearest.

We have been making Select length since 1989 and they are available from most leading footwear retailers and high street shoe repair shops.


Shoe Lace Size Guide

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