Famaco 1931 Intense Leather Balm Polish

Famaco 1931 Intense Leather Balm Polish


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F1430037 Famaco 1931 Intense balm Dark Brown 1 £16.99
F1430046 Famaco 1931 Intense balm Bordeaux 1 £16.99
F1430000 Famaco 1931 Intense balm Black 1 £16.99
F1430031 Famaco 1931 Intense balm Light Brown 1 £16.99
F1430022 Famaco 1931 Intense balm Medium Brown 1 £16.99
F1430003 Famaco 1931 Intense balm Tan 1 £16.99
F1430045 Famaco 1931 Intense balm Navy 1 £16.99
F1430099 Famaco 1931 Intense balm Neutral 1 £16.99


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This Balm polish is the hight of luxury for leathers.

Its special formula is enriched with beeswax, carnauba wax, and cedar essential oil that is perfect for glazes and patinas for that sublime shine. 

Famaco Heritage ;

Famaco has an impeccable heritage, a family-run shoe care manufacturer with over 8 decades of experience.  The factory is based in the Paris suburb of Châtillon, manufacturing since to 1931, the company is now run by brother and sister Audrey and Bruno who after giving up successful careers to take over the business from their father in 2014.

Victor de Banke are proud to have been appointed the sole distribution partners for Famaco products in the UK and Ireland and aim to give a first class service for a first class product. Famaco is presently sold to over 20 Countries through all 5 Continents.


FAMACO is growing in recognition as the best leather wax throughout the World.



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