Woly Ultra Warm Insoles Select Size

Woly Ultra Warm Insoles Select Size


SKU Product Qty Per Pack Price Qty
SP61143 Ultra Warm Size 3 E36 1 £14.20
SP61144 Ultra Warm Size 4 E37 1 £14.20
SP61145 Ultra Warm Size 5 E38 1 £14.20
SP61146 Ultra Warm Size 6 E39 1 £14.20
SP61147 Ultra Warm Size 7 Ladies E40 1 £14.20
SP611477 Ultra Warm Size 7 Gents E41 1 £14.20
SP61148 Ultra Warm Size 8 E42 1 £14.20
SP61149 Ultra Warm Size 9 E 43 1 £14.20
SP611411 Ultra Warm Size 11 E45 1 £14.20
SP611412 Ultra Warm Size 12 E46 1 £14.20
SP611413 Ultra Warm Size 13 E47 1 £14.20


Woly Ultra Warm Insole Woly Pure Fresh Insole

Woly Ultra Warm Insoles were designed with your comfort and foot warmth in mind. Spoil yourself with an amazingly fluffy Woly Ultra Warm Insole that is a pleasure to walk on, keeping your feet warm and making your winter shoes more comfortable than ever.

What Benefits Does Woly Ultra Warm Insole offer?

These Woly insoles are your best choice when it comes to finding a solution to making your footwear more comfortable and better fitting. 
- Comfortable top layer
- Extra grip bottom layer that keeps the insoles perfectly attached to the shoe
- Adaptable and thin
- Best choice for cold weather or improving your winter shoes
- Available in multiple sizes
- Easy to use: add and wear

Why Should You Wear Woly Ultra Warm Insole?

- Cold feet
- Cold winter shoes
- Foot cushion and support
- Uncomfortable and hard shoe beds
- Fluffy linings that need to be restored to their initial condition

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