Woly Warm Active 3d Insoles Select Size

Woly Warm Active 3d Insoles Select Size


SKU Product Qty Per Pack Price Qty
SP61093 Warm Active 3D Size 3 E36 1 £19.78
SP61094 Warm Active 3D Size 4 E37 1 £19.78
SP61095 Warm Active 3D Size 5 E38 1 £19.78
SP61096 Warm Active 3D Size 6 E39 1 £19.78
SP61097 Warm Active 3D Size Ladies 7 E40 1 £19.78
SP610977 Warm Active 3D Size Gents 7 E41 1 £19.78
SP61098 Warm Active 3D Size 8 E42 1 £19.78
SP61099 Warm Active 3D Size 9 E43 1 £19.78
SP610910 Warm Active 3D Size 10 E44 1 £19.78
SP610911 Warm Active 3D Size 11 E45 1 £19.78
SP610912 Warm Active 3D Size 12 E46 1 £19.78
SP610913 Warm Active 3D Size 13 E47 1 £19.78


Woly Sport insoles; Active Unlimited 3D 

Woly Sport Active Unlimited 3D is the insole for comfort and stability on any surface. With a 3D Footbed to give optimal support and a cushioned insert in the heel to absorb shock when running or walking on uneven surfaces. This insoles has a Dry Touch surface and breathable Climafelt providing 4 times more moisture absorption than other comparable foot beds meaning your feet are not only cushioned, but dry too.

Who should wear Woly Sport Active Unlimited 3D insoles 

Woly Sport Active Unlimited 3D can be used for the following;

- To replace the removable insole from your outdoor sports, walking or running shoes 
- Provide optimum motion control when walking on uneven surfaces, great for hiking
- Fast drying and breathable, feet will stay fresh even during activity

Further Information 

- Dry Touch surface with Climafelt for optimum moisture absorption
- The insole for hiking or sports shoes with removable insoles to be used on uneven terrains

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