Woly Soft Childs Insoles Select Size

Woly Soft Childs Insoles Select Size


SKU Product Qty Per Pack Price Qty
71802K2 Soft latex Childs Size 1/2 E33/E34 1 £3.23
71802K2.5 Soft latex Childs Size 2.5/3 E35/E36 1 £3.23
71802K7 Soft latex Childs Size 6/7 E23/E24 1 £3.23
71802K8 Soft latex Childs Size 8 E25/E26 1 £3.23
71802K9 Soft latex Childs Size 9/10 E27/E28 1 £3.23
71802K11 Soft latex Childs Size 11 E29/30 1 £3.23
71802K13 Soft latex Childs Size 12/13 E31/32 1 £3.23


Woly Soft - Latex Insole Woly Soft - Latex Insole

Woly is committed to offering the ultimate foot support and comfort. The Woly Soft insole surface is made of absorbing cotton for creating a long-lasting pleasant climate in shoes. The bottom layer is made from soft latex foam for optimum cushioning. Perforations allow the air to circulate effectively inside the shoes. 
Wear-resistant but at the same time very light, the Soft Insoles will add an extra cushioning to your favourite pair of shoes, improving your comfort and at the same time adding a fresh scent to your shoes. 
- Latex bottom combined with a soft top layer for great support and softness 
- Perforations that keep the airflow in order to preserve fresh and clean feet 
- A light scent in order to remove odours 
- Multiple sizes available 
- Better shoe fit by reducing foot movement inside the shoe.

What Benefits Do Woly Soft - Latex Insole 

- Better fitting shoes 
- Support and cushion 
- Refreshing and making your shoes more comfortable 
- Preserving your shoes fresh and dry 
- Make work and sports shoes more comfortable 
- Protect your feed against excessive friction 
- Highly durable

How to apply Woly Soft Insoles?

Slip inside shoe ordering correct shoe size 
MATERIALS: Cushioning latex.



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