Woly Dynamic 3d Insoles Select Size

Woly Dynamic 3d Insoles Select Size


SKU Product Qty Per Pack Price Qty
SP61163 Dynamic 3D Size 3 E36 1 £23.35
SP61164 Dynamic 3D Size 4 E37 1 £23.35
SP61165 Dynamic 3D Size 5 E38 1 £23.35
SP61166 Dynamic 3D Size 6 E39 1 £23.35
SP611677 Dynamic 3D Size 7 Gents E41 1 £23.35
SP61167 Dynamic 3D Size 7 Ladies E40 1 £23.35
SP61168 Dynamic 3D Size 8 E42 1 £23.35
SP61169 Dynamic 3D Size 9 E43 1 £23.35
SP611610 Dynamic 3D Size 10 E44 1 £23.35
SP611611 Dynamic 3D Size 11 E45 1 £23.35
SP611612 Dynamic 3D Size 12 E46 1 £23.35
SP611613 Dynamic 3D Size 13 E47 1 £23.35


Woly Sport Insoles; Dynamic 3D

Woly Sport Dynamic 3D insoles are the all rounder in sports insoles. With a 3D Footbed, they offer maximum stability and motion control. Dry Touch surface ensures optimum moisture absorption leaving your shoes and feet fresh. The Footbed is breathable and made from thermoformed foam with a cushioned heel which absorbs shock and cushions your every step to protect your joints. Ideal for all sports shoes with removable soles.

Who should wear Woly Sport Dynamic 3D insoles?

Woly Sport Dynamic 3D insoles can be used for;

- Any sports shoe with a removable insole; simply remove the current insole and replace with dynamic 3D 
- Help with foot and joint injuries in sport by cushioning and absorbing shock in all the right places
- Comfort even after long use, hold of those sore feet

Further Information 

- Made from a Dry Touch upper with breathable thermoformed foam Footbed

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