Woly Comfort Childs Insoles Select Size

Woly Comfort Childs Insoles Select Size


SKU Product Qty Per Pack Price Qty
71804K2 Comfort Childs Size 1/2 E33/E34 1 £8.65
1804K6 Comfort Childs Size 6 E23 1 £8.65
1804K7 Comfort Childs Size 7 E24 1 £8.65
1804K8 Comfort Childs Size 8 E25 1 £8.65
71804K8.5 Comfort Childs Size 8/8.5 E25/E26 1 £8.65
1804K8.5 Comfort Childs Size 8.5 E26 1 £8.65
1804K9 Comfort Childs Size 9 E27 1 £8.65
1804K10 Comfort Childs Size 10 E28 1 £8.65
71804K11 Comfort Childs Size 10.5/11 E29/E30 1 £8.65
71804K13 Comfort Childs Size 12/13 E31/E32 1 £8.65


Woly Comfort Childs Insoles Woly Comfort Childs Insoles

The Woly Comfort Childs Insoles are a high-quality leather insole, ideal for protecting the original Footbed. With a modern design and build with premium materials, Woly Comfort Childs Insoles will add style and comfort to any shoe. Anti-odour, the Woly Comfort Childs Insoles use natural charcoal to keep your shoes fresh at al time.

What Benefits do Woly Comfort Childs Insoles offer?

The Woly Comfort Childs Insoles are the perfect choice for making your shoes fit and smell better.
- Premium natural leather
- Built with a natural charcoal layer in order to control odour
- Latex foam layer for added support
- Great for protecting shoe bed against day to day wear
- Light and adaptable
- Improves foot grip inside the shoe
- Multiple sizes available
- Easy to use, just add it to your shoe and you're ready to go
- Clean, neutral colour

Who Should Wear Woly Comfort Childs Insoles?

- Shoes that don't fit well
- Shoes that are worn without socks
- Sports and work shoes that need better air circulation
- Uncomfortable or hard original insoles
- Shoes that need an extra soft layer for added comfort

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