Insole Crocodile Scented Peep Toes

Insole Crocodile Scented Peep Toes


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605L Insole Crocodile Scented Peep Toes Large 1 £1.90
605M Crocodile Scented Peep Toes Medium 1 £1.90
605S Crocodile Scented Peep Toes Small 1 £1.90


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The Crocodile print Insoles are a unique product that will surely brighten up the inside of any shoe. The insoles have a very fresh yet incomparable scent to eliminate the bad smells and reduce the bacteria build-up inside. The silk texture of the insole adds silk luxury slipping in to the shoe softly and whilst walking or doing other activities.  Cut out peep toe also allows this insole to be worn in open front footwear and sandals.

Who should wear Shoe String Insoles Crocodile Scented Select Size

-From average walks and car drives to active running and general exercise, the insoles are made to have high levels of comfort

-These insoles also eliminate the problem of slipping

-The insoles are unique and will brighten up the inside of any shoes

 Further Information 

The insoles are made in house at Victor De Banke ensuring high quality without an overly priced tag. Certain feature of this unique insole can include a fresh, permanent scent that comes from the insole which will help reduce the chance of bacteria build-up.

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