My Bag Suede Revive

My Bag Suede Revive


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MY BAG Suede Revive liquid insole logo

is a pigmented colour restorer for all Suedes, cotton fabrics and Nubuck. MY BAG's unique formula allows for an incredibly smooth application, whilst making the leather soft, supple, and restoring a new appearance to your handbag

The benefits

Below we have listed some great benefits of using MY BAG Suede Revive:

- Incredibly effective
- Fantastic for worn suede, cotton fabrics or Nubuck which need recolouring
- Has the ability to recolour a Bag
- Quick and Easy
- Highly pigmented - available in a variety of colours
- Long lasting
- Suitable for Gortex + Sympatex.


- If needed, reapply another layer of the dye cream until you are satisfied with the coverage 
- After the cream has dried, buff with a polishing cloth to a high, optimum shine! (We have found that lighter strokes make for a quicker result)




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