Famaco SUMMER Products!

FAMACO – Summer products you NEED to stock!

With summer around the corner, now is a good time to start thinking about your seasonal stock and revamping your shop in preparation for the warmer months.

The misconception about stocking exclusive products for certain times of the year, is that they’re a ‘one hit wonder’ and ‘will never sell’. The sooner we realise this is miles from the truth, the sooner you can turn over a nice added profit in your back pocket!

It all comes down to the products you are stocking and how you are marketing them – along with timing, of course. The Great British Summer usually doesn’t start making an appearance until June-July, therefore now is a great time to get a feel of what you feel your customers will want to see in your shop, and what you can proactively sell to coincide with the weather.

Famaco have some great products which are specific enough to introduce in summer, but versatile enough to stock throughout the year too. Here’s a brief list of what we would suggest looking into when stocking for the summer:

  1. Famaco Cream Polish: If you own a leather shoe, you need a shoe cream no matter what time of year. Introduce brighter, more summery colours to match the season’s fashions and colours.
  2. Famaco Brilliant Magic: A simple spray finishing liquid to add an amazing shine to shoes which may have been stored in the cupboard since last June!
  3. Famaco Delicate Gel: A nice little add-on sale for women’s repairs and shoe purchases. The perfect product to condition and care for their beloved handbags.
  4. Famaco Colour Fix: Trainers with no socks? Perspiration can cause the colour from your shoes to transfer to your white socks or skin… worry no more with this product!
  5. Multi +: Nobody likes to stay indoors in the summer, especially cleaning shoes! Save time and money by using this all in one product, for any material too!
  6. Famaco Stop Odour: Tackle bacteria and prevent odour with Famaco Stop Odour. Brilliant for summer to avoid any embarrassing situations!





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