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how to clean white sneakers w

How to clean sneakers with our new range of Famaco products

We’ve recently received the new range of Famaco sneaker cleaning and care products. What we’ve got…   . Shampoo . Waterproofer .Shoe deo . White express   Here’s a video of how we’ve used some of the sneaker cleaning products and below detailed photos of the products and how to use them, plus link to our shop where you can purchase.     Shampoo – the perfect product for removing mud, grit, salt, oil and general muck from your sneakers. The bottle is 200ml and has… Read more »

Cleaning leather shoes quickly and easily

We wanted to show just how quick and effective Woly Combi cleaner is. It’s a specifically designed mouse for all types of leathers, synthetics and textiles. The general rule of… Read more »

Waterproofing shoes

How to waterproof your shoes

We’ve created a short video showing you how to waterproof and protect your leather shoes! Preparing your shoes for winter has always been a task. Protecting them from salt, water,… Read more »